Student Voices: Madhav, Lafayette College

I had wonderful time at Jacobs during my 4 month stay in the study abroad program. My first reason to study abroad was to expose myself to European culture and lifestyle and learn from the surrounding people. Jacobs served as a wonderful place to help meet all sorts of people from all over the world, involve in activities, and immerse into the German culture. The beautiful location setting, easy access to downtown and shopping areas, and weekly local markets/festivals made my stay even more enjoyable.

Exchange Student Voices

Have a look at what some of the students from the fall & spring 2016 semesters had to say about their time at Jacobs University.
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Joel: Vassar College
Joel: Vassar College, USA
Barbara: IE University, Spain
Barbara: IE University, Spain
Alicia: University of Aberdeen
Alicia: University of Aberdeen, Scotland
Jean-Pierre: University of Notre Dame
Jean-Pierre: University of Notre Dame, USA
John - Lafayette College
John: Lafayette College, USA
Nils - Uppsala University
Nils: Uppsala University, Sweden
Sandra: University of California San Diego
Sandra: University of California San Diego, USA
Josh - Rice University
Joshua: RICE University,  USA.
Muazzez - Kadir Has University
Muazzez: Kadir Has University, Turkey
Marc - Cornell University
Marc: Cornell University, USA
Monique: Wellesley College, USA
Monique: Wellesley College, USA
Madhav: Lafayette College, USA

Student Voices: Joshua, RICE University

Josh - Rice University
I think what surprised me here most was the people. I mean, the sheer diversity of them. You know, you easily forget that there are people from different countries growing up in cultures completely unlike your own. It’s easy to think that the people and experiences you grow up with around you is most of what life has to offer. But being at Jacobs you remember that wow, there’s people my age from places I’ll never travel to nor come to appreciate who have the same interests, passion, fears, and goals that I have in trying to make it through life.