Frequently Asked Questions

My university is not currently a Jacobs partner, am I still eligible to study abroad in Bremen?

You can study abroad at Jacobs as long as you meet our admission criteria – that is, having a minimum B2 English language proficiency level and a GPA of at least 3.0. It is worth noting, however, that if your university is not a Jacobs partner your tuition will not be waived.

I need to select my courses but the course catalogue for my semester has not been published yet, what can I do?

You are welcome to check the previous year’s course catalogue and choose courses based on the available selection. A lot of the last year’s courses of that semester will be offered again, however they are not guaranteed. For more inquiries, contact

When does the Jacobs course catalogue usually get published?

The fall semester course catalogue usually gets published on March 31st. The course catalogue for the spring semester is published on September 30th.

What should I do if the course information in the course catalogue is not enough to get my courses approved?

Please compose the list of courses for which you require the syllabus or generally more information and e-mail it to

What are my visa requirements for my semester abroad?

For information on visa requirements, check page six of the Incoming Students Handbook.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact our visa coordinator at

What should I write in the required fields of the online application that do not apply to me?

Just write “not applicable” in the fields which are not relevant / do not apply to you.

My college covers my study abroad fees (either fully or partially). How do I convey this in my financial declaration?

Enter the amount of financial support that you receive from your home institution into the section Scholarships or Fellowships: From Another Source. Enter the name of your home institution in the sponsors section.

Where can I eat on-campus if I have special dietary needs?

With your mealplan money you can eat in the serveries of any college on campus. They have a wide variety of food offers. For each meal there will be one or two main dishes with meat (often also halal ones) and one vegetarian main dish. You can also find a salad bar in every servery or take side dishes, which also mostly consist of vegetables and pasta. However there are limited capacities for some individualized dietary needs, for example kosher or vegan meals.

Where can I go if I get sick?

Unfortunately there are no health service centers on campus. However, with your European health insurance card you can freely choose any doctor, dentist or therapist. This website will help you find any medical assistance you need.

Can I receive special academic accommodation?

If you received special academic accommodations from your home university, please ask your International Office to inform us about it or reach out personally to us. We cannot guarantee an equal coverage but we will try to provide as much support, as close to your original setting as possible.

Do I need to apply for a residence permit if I have a visa?

If the visa covers the entirety of your stay in Germany, you do not need to apply for a residence permit once you are in Germany. However, if your visa does not cover your entire study period, you have to prepare a residence permit application and pay the corresponding fee (ca. 100 euros).

What are the Jacobs community values?

The Jacobs University community is asked to behave in accordance with its community code, which can be found here. Especially intercultural respect and a sense of community are the values that shape the university. Please take into account that once abroad you will have to adhere to both the values and disciplinary framework of your home university as well as Jacobs.